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featuredBreast surgery has become one of the most popular and safe procedures in our plastic surgery practice. Women are seeking breast augmentation, breast lift and breast reduction in increasing numbers. Most women consulting our offices for breast surgery, come as a referral from a patient or a friend of a previous patient. This in turn has rewarded us with a consistent high patient satisfaction.

The most common request for breast surgery are breast augmentation, followed by breast lift with-out or with implants, then breast reduction and then breast reconstruction following mastectomy. Breast reduction may fall out of the category of cosmetic surgery when removing breast tissue in excess of 450-500 grams per breast.

Breast augmentation is extremely popular, safe and requested by women of different age groups, backgrounds and of different constitutional physique. Today in the 21st Century, the patient with glandular hypomastia or micromastia (small breast) as well as those with normal breast are requesting breast augmentation. Patients are requesting breast enhancement based on size, shape the way they perceive themselves in modern every day clothing, lingerie and bathing apparel.

The first step in breast augmentation is an initial evaluation as to what is present in terms of size, pre-existing asymmetries , health issues, and activities both recreational and work related.

The second step includes discussing both the procedure in detail along with the alternatives, risks, complications and expectations. In this step important aspects of the surgical techniques, such as the approach to the placement of implants, type and size of implants, resultant scarring, are presented to the patient for her selection in accordance to her needs.

Please consult with Dr. Wiegering as to which procedure will best meet your needs.

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