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Adipose (Fat) Transfer

Rejuvenation, Repair, and Volume Restoration Adipose tissue transfer, or a fat injection, describes the process by which adipose (fat) tissue is retrieved or harvested from one or more different regions and injected into another area of the body. After harvesting the fat, it is processed within the closed (Red Head) collector system and syringes (same […]

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Restylane® is a biodegradable gel based on hyaluronic acid, a substance which occurs naturally in the skin. Since Restylane® is based on a non-animal, naturally occurring substance, it reduces the risk of any allergic reaction, transmitting disease, or other complications from occurring. No skin test is required. When injected, it can smooth wrinkles and folds, […]

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BOTOX® Cosmetic

There are individuals who would like to enhance their appearance, but do not want to undergo surgery and want as little downtime as possible. Many individuals have turned to BOTOX® injections, a quick, virtually painless procedure. BOTOX® is a form of botulinum toxin that, when injected, temporarily paralyzes muscles that cause wrinkles. This treatment reduces […]

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