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Women choose to undergo breast augmentation surgery for a variety of reasons, including size increase, shape change, and to correct asymmetry. Your reasons for choosing breast augmentation surgery might be a desire to achieve a more flattering appearance. You may want clothing to fit better, or you might want to feel more attractive in your bathing suit. Whatever your reasons, breast augmentation surgery can help.
Women considering breast augmentation surgery should be in good health and meet the FDA age requirements for the desired implant type (18 years for saline and 22 years for silicone implants).

Your Consultation

Your consultation is the most important step in the breast augmentation process. We ensure that you are healthy enough for surgery, evaluating your body type in order to carefully construct an augmentation plan that best meets your needs and desires. Detailed body measurements, including chest width, and your overall frame are used to determine the best options for you.

Breast Augmentation Options

Implant type is determined by your desired aesthetics and other physical factors. You will have the choice between:

  • Saline or silicone implants
  • Round or anatomical implants
  • Smooth or textured implants
  • Low, moderate, or high profile implants

Incision location depends on the type of implant being placed, the location of placement, and the best technique to reduce scar visibility. Your incision options include:

  • Inframammary – within the breast crease
  • Periareolar – around the areola border
  • Transaxillary – within the armpit

Implant placement is chosen based on your aesthetic goals, breast tissue thickness, and recovery concerns. Implants are placed either:

  • Subglandular – under the glandular tissue but over the pectoral muscle
  • Subpectoral – under both the glandular tissue and the pectoral muscle

Procedure Process

Breast augmentation surgery is an outpatient procedure, most commonly performed using a general anesthetic. You shouldn’t eat or drink past midnight the day of your surgery. Prior to your surgery, we will review your custom breast augmentation plan as well as your post-operative care instructions. You will not be able to drive yourself home from the procedure, so you will need to be accompanied by a licensed adult.


The total recovery process lasts about six weeks. In the first several days, you will experience bruising, swelling, and some discomfort. We control pain using oral medication. You are projected to be able to return to work within two weeks of your surgery. Most people can resume their regular exercise routine after four weeks. Most major swelling should subside around six weeks after surgery, and your final results should be visible by then.

To schedule your breast augmentation consultation today, contact our office at +1 (305) 858-4366 or fill out our online contact form here for additional information.

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