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featuredIn Breast reduction one of the added benefits that younger patients are claiming is the progressive weight loss secondary to a more active lifestyle and higher self esteem immediately after surgery.

Breast reduction patients refer minimal post-operative pain which they describe more as a discomfort or tightness which becomes insignificant after the first dressing change.
Most patients following breast reduction refer a progressive increase in physical activities with a concomitant better posture, weight loss and a higher self esteem.

The patient post breast reduction will resume pre-operative work activities within the first 5-6 days.

Patient satisfaction continues to be very high among breast reduction patients despite the initial appearance of the scarring.

When it comes to the expectant cup size, most patients wish for a small size. This is a normal thought process after years of symptomatic, pendulous, asymmetric large breast. However, once they see other patients both in person and in post-op photographs the desired cup size becomes a full “B” or even a small “C”.

The issues of breast reduction and health insurance coverage can be reviewed with the office manager based on your health insurance plan. You should also solicit this information directly from your insurance company.

Please consult with Dr. Wiegering as to which procedure will best meet your needs.

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