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breastliftBreast lift or mastopexy is usually solicited by patients with various degrees of sagging pendulous breast which can be uneven, small or large.

The third and final step prior to discussing surgical availability, fees, and the surgical facility of choice, is a unique session of questions and answers. It is my experience that even tough most of these are covered in the first and second steps there is always one or two questions which the patient remembers when they are on the way home from the consultation. It is my recommendation to write them down so that when the next meeting takes place we can go over them systematically.

This is a ambulatory surgical procedure and does not require hospitalization. Post-op follow up care information, instructions, and consultations will be again addressed before surgery with the patient and family member or person of choice.

Breast lift or Mastopexy is usually solicited by patients with various degrees of bilateral breast ptosis (sagging breast), asymmetric ptotic micromastia (uneven sagging small breast) or large pendulous breast. It can be performed with or with out a breast implant.

Breast lift or mastopexy provides both lifting and tightening of the sagging breast tissue. In doing so, it will give the appearance of a smaller breast which can be compensated with a small implant.

Patients requesting Mastopexy with or without breast implant have to be made aware of the scarring involved. The amount of tissue removed (skin only) has to be done through incisions much large than the accustomed breast augmentation.

Please consult with Dr. Wiegering as to which procedure will best meet your needs.

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